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Feminists Artists/Musicians/Poets? [Feb. 9th, 2009|01:21 pm]
Saginaw Artists


not exactly zine related but..


My name is David Smith. I'm a mid-michigan based art/music events promoter and I'm currently working with the local UndergroundRailroad Womens Shelter to put together an art music event based around the agency's mission of 1) providing safety, empowerment and change through free and confidential services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking and 2) providing leadership and programs in the community on issues of violence against women.

Basically we're looking for art/artists that reflect the feminist philosophy of the agency.
Such as artists/musicians that are survivors or at least loosely related to issues of sexual/domestic/dating violence, the impact of abuse or inequality in our society or on individuals, social justice themes, empowerment, survival, healing, etc.

If you just so happen to be (or know of) an artist/musician/poet/performance-artist in the Michigan area that would fit the bill than please get ahold of me via email.


Thank you

David Smith
Fullspectrum Collective